During the Cleanse

What To Expect:

It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to eat all raw at least 1 day prior to juice fasting. A good rule of thumb is for every 3 days you do a cleanse, do 1 day of a raw diet beforehand and afterwards. So if you are doing a 5 day cleanse, commit to 2 days of an all raw diet before starting your juice cleanse. All raw refers to fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. No meat, no dairy, no processed foods; just raw fruits and vegetables.

Some things to possibly expect (but will go away) as a cleansing effect of juice fasting are:

  • Hunger (eating all raw beforehand helps hunger go away faster)
  • Low amounts of energy: You will also get random moments of great energy, but you will probably need to designate time
  • throughout the day to rest more than usual
  • Headaches (Sweating will solve most headache problems)
  • White coating of the tongue
  • Blemishes
  • Bad Breath
  • Body Odor
  • Mood Fluctuations

This will be an amazing restart for your body’s health! It’s an amazing feat that our bodies are capable of cleansing us from the inside out. Good luck, stay strong, and cheers to your health!